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The world's first "Solar" Prayer Wheel was designed and first made in 1996 in Lotus Energy then improved until now.

Prayer wheels are an ancient method of continuously radiating beneficial prayers into the environment to bless all beings. 

These beautifully ornamented wheels which turn whenever direct sun hits the solar panel, are made of a copper prayer wheel with various mantras inside according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition mounted in a painted wooden housing.  The prayers inside are suitable for all lineages and anyone who wants to have continuous blessings energize their monastery, retreat center, home or office.

Solar Prayer wheels are available in the following types:

Chenrezig the Boddhisattva of compassion.  6 Syllable Mantra for creating  peace in all ten directions and relieveing the sufferings of all beings.

Padmasambava's (Guru Runpoche) Siddhi Mantra.  For powerfully clearing away obstacles, bringing blessings and creating positive circumstances.

Tara,  The mother of all the Buddha's.  For protection against harm and negative influences and to hail in prosperity and blessings.

Other custom prayers and mantras are available upon request.

Solar prayer wheels come with a small solar panel with a three meter cord attached to allow the wheel to remain inside a building while the panel remains outside in the sunlight.

Solar prayer wheels are a very special and unique product of Lotus Energy. For more information on this product please contact  and forward the request to the attention of Adam. 

First there were hand spin prayer wheels
then by water, fire, wind
and now by the rays of the sun

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