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"Lotus Energy is  the pioneer of 
manufacturing analog and microprocessor based battery chargers in Nepal."

EVCO is the sister company of Lotus Energy. Lotus Energy manufactures electric vehicle battery chargers and also provides technical design assistance for electric vehicle manufacturing. The Company "EVCO" was formed to design/assemble/manufacture/sell and support the infrastructure of non-polluting and environmental friendly ELECTRIC VEHICLES (EV), both three and four wheeler types in Kathmandu, Nepal and for overseas export.



Four Wheel Electric vehicle 
(20 passenger capacity)

Three Wheel Electric vehicle 
(8 passenger capacity)

Microprocessor Controlled Digital Electric Vehicle Battery Charger



" We have reviewed the charging data collected from your new battery charger (model EVBC3072 - D) that Lotus Energy manufactures, and your charge profile algorithms are following the Trojan recommended curves for the proper charging of the batteries"                                       - TROJAN BATTERY COMPANY NOV. 2000


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